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Hey everyone!

Sushi Ride by rickyrico Sushi Ride by rickyrico Sushi Ride by rickyrico Sushi Ride by rickyrico
Welcome to my page! I love animals and being outdoors. Over the summer I often work as a camp counselor. My weaknesses include peanut butter, sushi, and carbs.

I love meeting new people so feel free to leave a comment!
Pixel Chibi Thranduil page doll by PrinceOfRedroses
So I was tagged by Tigerisbeastmode to answer these 13 questions. Here goes nothing.

My 13:
1.You are being chased by a giant lava filled ice-cream sandwich... what do you do first?
    My first instinct would be to run, however the scientist in me would question the conundrum of conjoined lava and ice cream. But hey, "the hot and the cold are both so intense, put them together it just makes sense".

2.A crazy yodeler sets up shop on your roof top and begins yodeling as the sun rises... how do you react?
    Call the police to arrest him for trespassing and go back to sleep.  Nobody messes with my beauty sleep. Nobody.

3.If you could rename one of the days of the week which day would you choose, what would you name it, and why?
    I would put a silent h in Monday just to throw everyone off.

4.If you could choose to die in any way possible, which way would you choose?
    I would choose to die to my sin in Christ then live forever.

5.A tree is falling in your direction while you are running from a bengal tiger and you notice a balloon is stuck in its branches... what will you do?
    Grab the balloon and float away peacefully from the tiger as the tree falls on top of him.

6.If you could have one extra hour in your day what would you do with it?
    Sleep. Nobody messes with my sleep. Nobody.

7.What color would you describe yourself as and why?
    White. It's the color of salt. Also snow and vanilla ice cream and sour cream but those don't fit with my metaphor.

8.You have considered the purchase of neon lipstick for the past three months and now you have the choice to get the lipstick or to buy a fully loaded dishwasher... which will you buy and why?
    Neon lipstick because haters gonna hate. Might as well outshine them when they try to throw shade.

9.A tree frog hops up to you and casually asks you for some money... what will you do?
    I would give him some money. The job market is hard these days for honest and hard working tree frogs.

10.The world is about to end... what are you doing?
    Probably sleeping.

11.Why did you join DA?
    Peer pressure

12.What is your greatest fault?
    Sleeping too much

13.You are walking in the woods, there's no one around and your phone is dead. Out of the corner of your eye you spot him ________________ (who do you spot? Also... if you know what this quote is from then I will draw you a free request :D)
    *whispers quietly* Shia LaBouef

I will tag my one watcher to answer my questions. I need more friends. lol

1. How did you hear about DA?

2. On a scale of 1 to 10, (10 being hit by a train) how would you rate your pain?

3. There is a global cheese crisis. How do you fix it?

4. What is your name? What is your quest? What is the air speed velocity of an unladen swallow?

5. You are going about your day and your best friend tells you that you are being stalked by a rabid candelabra. What should you do?

6. Favorite candle scent?

7. Do... you ... have... any.... threes?

8. Do you want to build a snowman?

9. Would you rather be eaten by a flaming 20 foot python or a 39 foot tall chicken that spits gravy?

10. Is this water sanitary? It looks questionable to me.

11. Most epic way to die?

12. Weirdest dream?

13. What food do you most identify as and why?

I tag


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